Hors D'oeuvres Selections
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Party menus can be made up of as many or as few items as you would like. Pricing is determined by selections made. We suggest that your menu have a wide variety of items in order to be pleasing to all guests attending your function. About half of any menu should be made up of warm food items and the other half can be either cold or room temperature selections.

The following hors d’oeuvres selections are popular choices for entertaining:

Seasonal green vegetable crudites with asparagus spears, celery, zucchini strips,
cucumbers, and broccoli florets served with dip

Steamed shrimp served chilled with cocktail sauce

Thin sliced beef tenderloin with horseradish and mustard sauces

Smoked salmon platter with condiments and toast points

Wild mushroom crostini with Gruyere cheese

Sashimi tuna with wasabi cream sauce and rice wafers

Pre-scored stone crab claws served chilled with cocktail sauce

Classic meatballs in marinara sauce or creamy stroganoff sauce

“Southern style” bruschetta - spicy cooked greens with shaved country ham on
buttermilk biscuit bottoms

Sliced almond crusted pork tenderloin with cranberry-mandarin orange relish

Petite lamb chops served with raspberry salsa

Portobello rumaki - broiled portobello mushroom pieces wrapped in bacon

Mini crab cakes served with jalapeno-honey tartar sauce

Marinated and seasoned grilled steak, sliced thin with blue cheese crumbles and
balsamic glaze

Bacon wrapped scallops

Wasabi crab salad in cucumber cups

Parmesan and roma tomato bruschetta

“De-constructed kabobs” - beef, chicken, or shrimp kabobs with mushrooms,
onions and peppers, roasted in a teriyaki glaze and served without the skewers for your guests’ ease of selection

Spicy baked garlic and Parmesan shrimp

Antipasti bites - cheese cubes, black and green olives, marinated mushrooms, and pepperoni tumbled in a roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette

Petite shrimp cakes served with spicy mayonnaise

Blue cheese fondue with bread cubes

Mesquite chicken rolled quesadillas with salsa and sour cream

Moroccan chicken on lettuce leaves

Seafood newburg phyllo tartlets

Button mushrooms simmered in a rich Marsala wine sauce

Warm cream cheese crab dip with crackers

“Rosa Mexicana” guacamole with corn chips

Bite-size mini pizzas with assorted toppings

Cheddar potato puffs

Shrimp scampi bruschetta

Miniature “loaded” twice baked potatoes

Smoked salmon on tarragon buttered toast points

Brie cheese baked in puff pastry with assorted fillings - raspberries and rosemary, golden figs and pecans, caramelized pineapple and chopped pistachios

Tri-color cheese tortellini with a creamy sun-dried tomato pesto sauce

Holiday stuffing balls - tastes like Christmas in one bite!

Mini “jambalaya” kabobs

Sushi salsa served with rice wafers

Southwest rubbed chicken tenders with cool ranch dip

Fresh strawberries in amaretto-flavored glaze and fresh-cut pineapple with
coconut-rum flavored syrup

Spicy kielbasa bites, blackened and tumbled in a sweet and tangy grill sauce

Button mushrooms filled with spinach souffle and topped with Parmesan cheese

Handmade Russian pirozhky (filled pastries) - bacon, cheddar, and potato; beef
and caramelized onion; ham and Swiss cheese with rosemary

Assorted petite sweets - tiny macaroons, mini Key lime tartlets, mini creme
brulee, lemon cream shortbread, chocolate coffee diamonds, raspberry
barquettes, cream puffs with chocolate ganache, mini cheesecakes, espresso
brownie bites with cinnamon brulee