Event Planning

When your plans include more than one meal or more than one day of activities, additional coordination is needed for perfect execution. Merging catering and special events can sometimes be a challenge. Timing and organization are of the utmost importance. Using an experienced event planning catering service, such as Culinary Connection, to handle the details of your event will not only eliminate a potential spot for miscommunication, it will save money by not duplicating a “job” with a separate “event planner” charging for their services.

An important aspect for successful events is proper staffing - it can make or break the whole function. Avoiding lines (long or short) at both food and beverage stations will ensure that guests are adequately and promptly served. The number one complaint of guests attending large functions is: “It took forever to get a drink/through the food line/served our meal.” This can almost always be attributed to understaffing or using less-than-qualified help. Culinary Connection staff members are trained to know the subtleties of proper service and coached to be gracious, as well as thorough. The staff is our “front line” for events; they are our skilled technicians...and our diplomats. They work for Culinary Connection, but are a representative of the client (company or individual).

Culinary Connection is also proud to be an experienced company with many charitable organizations and their large fund raising efforts. Please don’t hesitate to inquire about our involvement with your special group’s future needs.